About Freeman Ridge Forestry

Freeman Ridge Forestry is a professional resource consulting company, delivering integrated forest management and development services to clients.

We specialize in multi-phase forestry services covering the full scope of forest management- including timber harvest planning & administration,  timber stand  improvement, timber marking,  boundary line maintenance, tree growth management plans, wildlife management planning, and forest products marketing & procurement.

We work with a wide range of clients including industry, government, First Nations, community group and private land-owners.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with efficient, high quality forest management solutions while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainable forest development and safe work procedures. 

Meet Bob Carlton

After  graduating from Unity College's Forestry Management Program, Bob  settled in Kingfield and built his home in the Maine woods - with the  wood harvested from his property.  Here he has raised his family,  managed his own acreage as well as a Maine Tree Farm.

Bob is a  Licensed Professional Forester #966, Maine Tree Farm Inspector, Maine  Forest Service Woodswise Program Stewardship Forester, Master Commercial  Pesticide Applicator and USDA- NRCS Technical Service Provider.